Company Diversity

Greyhound Technologies

Throughout the history of Greyhound Technologies, inclusion has been as much a part of the company's success as the great services our diverse employee base has created. Greyhound is a leader in diversity and inclusion, and both remain key Greyhound business strategies. You will find diversity at every level of the company, from the boardroom to the front office, from the tech room to the sales staff. Our diversity makes us a better company, a stronger company, by bringing in fresh ideas, perspectives, experiences and life responsibilities, and by fostering a truly collaborative workplace.

Strategic Areas of Focus

Our Diversity and Inclusion Vision is to have a diverse and inclusive environment. To focus our activities on achieving our vision, we identified five strategic areas of focus. All official activities focusing on diversity and inclusion at Greyhound Technologies must align with one of these strategic areas:

  • Leading the Way
  • Diverse Workforce
  • Respectful and Inclusive Work Environment
  • Worklife Integration
  • External Partnerships

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

For more than a decade, our ERGs have provided support, outreach and development to employees who share ethnicity, race, religion, life experiences, disabilities or backgrounds. ERGs hold educational and cultural events and support many diversity-related efforts such as college campus recruiting. Membership is open to all employees.

Worklife Flexibility Programs and Benefits

Our worklife programs and benefits promote flexibility and balance between work and personal life through transitional work arrangements (such as part-time work), job sharing and flexible schedules.