The Modern Office

Greyhound Technologies

Help Desk

No doubt you have been providing this service to your users already. Now is the time to refine your Help Desk functions and cement your expertise. Clients still require technical assistance, and a Greyhound Technologies empowers you to provide that assistance with excellence. Grow in your role as Trusted Advisor and Key Problem Solver.

Vendor Management

If you are like most businesses, you have received phone calls at one time or another for problems with equipment or services you did not contract to support. Now have clients report vendor problems through the a business portal. Turn this into revenue by managing those vendors to relieve your clients of that burden.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Here is another key contact point that is probably no stranger to your company's service offerings. SaaS provides you with the opportunity to ensure that your clients run the latest versions of their software. It also eliminates the painful processes of updating software or maintaining versions no longer in use.

Hardware As A Service (HaaS)

Similar to SaaS, HaaS enables your clients to make use of the latest technologies and equipment without the huge price tag for replacing old or obsolete equipment. Clients pay for what they use, and the HaaS model helps ensure affordable and predictable costs.

Professional Services

As a consultant to your clients, you can assist them with tasks such as quarterly technology reviews. Lead them through the process of building a technology roadmap to ensure the Cloud technologies available to them meets their business requirements.

Internal IT

Assist your clients in structuring their internal IT departments. Make sure Greyhound Technologies is at the center of what they do so that accountability is built in. They can call on our expertise when situations require greater technical proficiency.


Today, more than ever, companies are mindful of the value of their data and business intelligence. Consult with them in areas such as threat monitoring and response, and vulnerability assessments. Guide them through the complex issues of drafting security policy and establishing guidelines for compliance.

Remote Monitoring And Automation

Monitor your clients' traffic and report on utilization of key servers, routers and other network devices. Use Greyhound Technologies to communicate issues and concerns before they turn into outages.

Voice Networking (VoIP)

Run your clients' voice service on your same network infrastructure. Reduce recurring costs for clients, and advise them on how to use those savings to fund growth opportunities. Consult on other revenue generating activities that make good business sense for them. Establish unified messaging between email and voicemail.


Enhance the productivity and communication quality of your clients' meetings and conference calls with the visual impact of telepresence technologies. Cut travel costs and save time while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Increase the impact of client meetings and the results of prospect meetings.

Email Management And Administration

Communication is as vital to your clients' businesses as it is to yours. This can work for you in two distinct areas: The first is as a vendor responsible for administering client email processing; the second involves managing all client email devices remotely.


Protect client property and assets by monitoring digital video surveillance of client facilities. Such systems are easily installed. Video output can even be monitored remotely via cell phones.

Digital Signage

These display devices are available in a variety of formats such as LED, LCD, plasma displays and more. They allow you or your clients to display important messages, or information on vital metrics and measurements in a more dynamic manner. They are easily installed and managed.

Storage, Backup And Disaster Recovery

Managing and administering these vital functions help ensure that your clients maintain the ability to keep business operating. Typically, the client facility is mirrored at a separate remote location. Back-ups are stored off-site and at the remote location.

Printer Management

Remotely monitor printer performance and resolve outage situations. Take a proactive stance on printer maintenance. Increase efficiency by reducing outages.

Application Subscription

Make use of the web's ability to deliver commonly used business applications. Help clients by removing the burden of remembering renewals. Manage their technical support and anti-virus agreements, and help ensure that they are always in force.


Help your clients develop the infrastructure that will more easily facilitate corporate growth. Keep in mind that wireless capability, although not required for every business, is now the expectation. And wireless requires technical proficiency beyond your clients' likely capabilities. Effective planning is the key to building an infrastructure that will work for your clients today- and tomorrow.

The Cloud Office

An extension of the Modern Office, the Cloud Office features mobile capability, website maintenance and management, telecommuting and Cloud services. Each of these areas requires management and monitoring, as well as a plan to effectively integrate each into the client business environment.
As you can see, the advent of Cloud Computing has little impact on your ability to continue to provide your clients with essential services expertly delivered. Given this, there is more reason to welcome Cloud Computing than there is to fear it. And we will be developing new technologies and tools that will help you accomplish your goals. Working together, we can all profit from the Cloud.