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Tech Industry Most Trusted Industry in the World

Friday, February 4th, 2011

According to a survey performed by Edelman, the company found that the Tech industry has been, and continues to be the most trusted industry in the world.

The survey was the result of asking 5,075 people from 23 nations their levels of trust for various industries (among other questions).  A variety of interesting data came from this survey, including the fact that the banking and financial industries are now the least trusted according to the survey.

Neither of these findings come as any real surprise in light of recent events.  The financial industry has taken the heat for a number of blunders in the last two years, and consumer confidence has dropped as a result.

More importantly though is the finding that Tech is the most trusted. Consider the effects that trust can have on a business, an industry, or even an entire country’s economy.

Let’s take a look at trust when it comes to an IT company.  Think about the sheer volume of information that IT companies have access to, never mind the confidentiality of some of that information.  We hear rather frequently, it seems, about some company being hacked, or losing important data.  Interestingly, this doesn’t seem to have affected the view of the industry as a whole.  Here is why I think that is:  Our perception is colored by our direct experiences, not anecdotes about hackers and insecurity.  When you choose a company to manage your information and technology needs, you need to be certain that it is a company you can trust.

This is true whether you’re considering a business-to-business relationship, or considering a company to handle your personal information.  Facebook, Google (Gmail), Microsoft (Hotmail), Yahoo – no matter who you are, one of these companies is likely to have your personal information.  How well do you trust the companies that have your personal information?  How well do you trust the companies that you do business with on a regular basis?  How well do you trust your tech companies?

In business, trust is critical.  Many players in Tech industries understand this.  How can a company expect critical information to be handed over without some assurance or confidence?  Again, many people in IT understand this – we’re constantly looking for better ways to secure your data and make your company more successful.  For a company like Greyhound, your success is our success.

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Source: Edelman