Office 2011 for Mac released

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac
As anticipated, Microsoft released Office 2011 for Mac.
The suite brings over features from the recent Windows versions of Office,
such as a ribbon interface. It also incorporates the first-ever Mac version
of Outlook, and the long-awaited Messenger for Mac 8. VBA returns after
being left out of the previous version.
Upgraded versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint form the core of the suite.
On the Office website Microsoft is charging $150 for the Home & Student version,
and $280 for Home & Business. The figures differ from ones promised earlier, but
the software can be had much cheaper from other vendors, such as Amazon.
There Home & Student costs $110, while Home & Business is $175. Word, Excel
and PowerPoint can alternately be bought separately for $140 apiece.
Among the many changes in Microsoft Office 2011 is the arrival of product “activation”
done via internet or by phone
The activation ties the use of the software to a specific device and reveals other
information (such as the IP address and hardware configuration), but can be reassigned
to another device any number of times, limited to once every 90 days.

The Home & Student Edition of Microsoft Office 2011 (Family Pack version) still has
three licenses, but in the 2008 edition each license was good for one desktop and
one laptop install, meaning up to six Macs in a household could run the software.
The 2011 license limits each activation to one device, cutting the number of allowable
machines in half. Home & Business editions offer a 1-license and 2-license version.

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