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Greyhound Technologies

Why partner with Greyhound for your Printer Sales and Service?

Greyhound Technologies is a full service printer sales and service provider. With certified printer technicians on staff, we provide support for your entire printing process. Whether you have 1 printer or 1,000 printers, we can provide a solution for any business. Stocking a large supply of toner cartridges, maintenance kits, fusers, etc., Greyhound will keep your printer work flow operational 24/7.

Who should partner with us?

  • Large Corporations needing 24/7 printing operations.
  • Small & Medium sized businesses that do not have on-site personnel with printer expertise.
  • Companies with legacy printers needing a provider with rapid response times.
  • Companies looking to streamline their printing environment.

How to partner With Greyhound Technologies?

It’s simple! Just contact us to discuss your printing and scanning needs further.

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