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Greyhound Technologies is a highly respected IT solutions company with over 14 years experience. We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application and portal development. Combining our solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model we offer progressive end-to-end web solutions.
Custom web applications built according to client specific requirements, advanced web and enterprise portals using the full potential of the latest technologies, professional websites combining appealing design, rich functionality and robust management tools.
Are you starting a new business and need a website? Do you have an existing website that is outdated or hard to maintain? If so, this article is for you. Are you wondering why you need a website at all? If so, keep reading. Did you know that 8 out of 10 consumers find the company they are are eventually going to do business with online? That it is WHY you need a website but there is so much more you need to know before you get started. So, what do you need to know? There are many things to consider before starting your new website. For instance, what features do you want or need on your website? Do you want:

  • to post News and Announcements about your company and/or industry?
  • to schedule Events that your customers and/or prospects can register for online?
  • the ability to post Jobs on your website for prospective employees?
  • to advertise on your website to help drive additional revenue for your company?
  • a photo gallery to show visitors what your company is about?
  • a secure method for employees or customers to login to view content only intended for them?
  • to create a blog to regularly communicate with your customers and prospects (more about this later).

These are just a few examples of the types of features you may be looking for from your website but it gives you an idea of what you need to consider up front. At a higher level, you need to decide if you want to have someone create a custom design (look and feel) for your new website or use a template approach. The template will be much more cost effective for you, but it may not provide the branding experience you are looking for because you are limited with how much you can customize the look of your new site, though this may be Ok if you are just starting out and want to dip your toe in the water before making a huge investment. Another key consideration is how you will create your new website. Will you hire a Web Designer, and Web Development firm to create a new website from scratch or would you rather create a website yourself using a website builder tool? Some website builders do not give you the option to create a custom design (look and feel) if you decide you want one but the biz.serveant.com tool does.
You also need to consider what type of hosting plan is right for you do not have to worry about buying, setting up and maintaining your own servers, you can pay hosting companies to provide this as a service to you. You do need to understand what you are getting for your money. For instance, you can decide to go a free Google webpage but that is all you get (one page). There is no customization available or functionality. So, the adage you get what you pay for is very true when it comes to website hosting. You need to be sure you understand what you are getting when you sign up for a hosting account, for example:

  • Is email hosting included? If so, does it include SPAM protection or does that cost more?
  • What kinds of design tools exist for creating your new website or will you have to hire someone to create the website for you?
  • Are there tools you can use to maintain your content easily yourself without having to contract a programmer every time you want to change the content on your site?
  • Will your website be found by the search engines once it is launched and available to the public?
  • What are the limits on disk space and data transfer will you be charged if you exceed those limits?
  • What website tracking statistics tools are available for you to track the effectiveness of your new website?

Another key consideration is whether or not you want to sell your products or services directly from your new site. This will have an impact on the design of your new website. You should find an e-commerce partner that can help you figure out the right way to setup your site to maximize your online sales. The team at Greyhound Technologies has the expertise to help you. We have worked with numerous clients and can help you succeed online as well. Now that you have a website what do you need to do with it? Once you have created a great looking website and have created content that customers and prospects will find interesting about your company, you need to create an online marketing plan to drive traffic to your new site and then convert those visitors into customers. Having a great website is not enough. If your website is not generating traffic or worse yet is generating lots of traffic but those visitors are not turning into customers you are not going to achieve any kind of return on your investment. That is why is CRITICAL for you to invest in an online marketing strategy. The Search Engine Optimization team at Greyhound can work with you to determine the best approach for you to maximize the ROI from your website whether you are currently a customer of ours or not. How do I get started?

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